Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 37. Looking good.

   So my face is looking better and better. I still have some dry spots left from the nu-stock but they are getting smaller and smaller and my soft skin is coming back. My face is getting less red by the day. I am almost back to the point of being okay to leave my house without makeup again. I mean my skin is leaps and bounds better than it was.

   So I am still not using soap on my face or any face cleansing products, just oil to clean it. I think the tto is strong enough and it removes make up really well. I have noticed that all of the blackheads and large pores on my nose that I have had since puberty started are really shrinking, some I can't even see. It's pretty amazing. I am still putting honey on my face is it feels really tight and dry and I have been putting shea butter on my face when I think about it and I am at home.

   Okay as for pictures, I took a few in the car when I was waiting for the ferry this morning on my way home from work. They lighting was good but I am wearing some makeup but it's 12 hours old and mostly worn off. I took a few more when I got home and took off the makeup and I took a few close ups of the dry scaly skin so you can see what I am talking about. It is almost gone now, it was a lot worse. I think in a few more days it will be all gone. Sorry the close ups are gross but everything about mites living in your skin and rosacea is kinda gross.

Day 37

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