Monday, July 8, 2013

The itching is back

   So my face doesn't look any worse today but it usually takes a few days for the buggers to die and then for my skin to react. Right now it just itches, BAD. I think I am slightly allergic to the nu-stock or it just aggravates my skin. It's definitely not crawly mite itch, it's more like mosquito bite itch, especially behind my ears and on my forehead. I also noticed the they lymph nodes right in front of my ears are swollen and it was like that before when I did the nu-stock. Maybe that is why I got so sick, it was my body expressing all the toxins because those nodes had went down a lot. Anyways this is just me thinking out loud. The itching is really going to drive me insane. Oh and my skin is still soft and not dry...yet. 

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