Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 44.

   Sorry I have been really busy with work and clinical for school so I haven't had much time to write. Not to much has changed with my face, it's not as nice as it once was but I am still in that second outbreak period so I hope once this is over, it's over for good. My face isn't nearly as red but I do still get some breakouts but not nearly as bad. I have been feeling the creepy little suckers move again so they are definitely hatching and making a return, then dying hence the breakouts. As long as they keep dying that is all that matters. I am still using just the tea tree/argan oil mixture on my face and nothing else. My skin is finally getting over being dry again and is soft and smooth once more. That is really nice, I think I hate the dry flaky skin more than the break out. So that is about all right now. Starting August 2nd I will be doing a juice fast and then returning to my mostly plant based diet and I am hoping it will have a positive effect on not just my body and health but also my skin. Ok now I will shut up and post some pictures.

Day 44

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