Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sorry everyone.

   So I am still sick, I think it's mostly severe allergies but I haven't really dragged myself out of bed much. Stuffy nose, head congestion, clogged ears the works. When I start feeling better I will keep updating. Right now everything is still looking good. I still look like the last pictures, no p&p, face is not perfectly pale but as close to it as my face gets due to broken blood vessels on my cheeks, only lasers will help that. Still just doing the tea tree/argan oil at night and the internal borax once a day. My face is really soft and smooth and not dry at all which is amazing. Even when my face was clear on the oreacea it was still really dry. My face feels so soft I just want to rub all the time and my mom will be like "was does your face feel like now? can I touch it?" LOL. She knows how bumpy and dry and gross it felt before, sometimes like sandpaper. I think she is pretty surprised by it all too. Okay, I am going back to bed. I will hopefully feel better and update soon. 

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