Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 12

   Well it is day 12 and everything is still going good. When I woke up today I had about 6 tiny new p&ps. They will be gone by tomorrow. I am not really stressing about them or freaking out about them like I use to because it is just one less mite on my face and these come and go so quick now. Also they are really small and easy to cover.

   My face is noticeably less red and my skin is really healing now and my skin is starting to smooth out and the texture is really improving. The only thing is my face is really dry and flaky so I am going to cut back the tto to just at night since they are not active during the day anyways and I have put some shea butter on it more frequently. If I start to regress I will just add back the morning treatment too. Okay so on to the pictures! Oh and these are pretty spot on the the color of my skin now. Just a slight pink.

Day 12

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