Monday, June 17, 2013

It's update time.

   So yesterday I actually left my house and went out into public and only one person commented on my face, which is normal. So yesterday I did the 8:1 in the morning, shea butter once when I got home, put on the 1:1 before bed and that was it.

   I haven't been having the creepy crawly feeling as much although when I was at the movies yesterday and all the lights where out there was once or twice when I did. Today when I work up I only had 1 p&p which is amazing! I don't know if I ever had that even on the oracea. My face is more pink and still healing. The texture is still rough and bumpy from the p&ps healing and it's still dry so I will keep up with the shea butter since it seems to be helping with the flaky spots.

   Oh before I forget, one thing if you are using the tto make sure you overlap it on your lips a little bit. I noticed I had gotten a lot of p&p on the edge of my lips where I had never gotten them before and I think it's because I wasn't putting the tto that close to my mouth and they ran for cover. I also take it down to my neck. I am telling you if you miss a spot these little fuckers will find it and hide out. I had NEVER had a p&p on my forehead till I started doing this and as first I just treated my problem areas and they migrated, now I do my whole body. Shampoo and conditioner, body soap and oils on my entire face and neck. Okay on to the pictures!

Day 10

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