Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just some random info

   So I went into my bathroom closet to see if any of the products I currently own have sulfur in them (they don't) and then just look at the ingredients of all the crap I have tried and failed with on my face and realized I have a lot of skin care items. About a 6 months ago I went through it and threw away about half of it and only kept "the good stuff" and I still have 37 items in my closet. That is a lot of creams, lotions and cleansers. I have from expensive Oscar de la Renta lotion and expensive creams from overseas to cheap Bag Balm from the drug store and everything in between. I wonder how much damage this has done to my face and how much money I have spent? That doesn't even count the prescription stuff. I must have spent a fortune and I have ended up no better off. Well hopefully the cheap, natural, less is more way will work. That's all. 

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