Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last thought before bed.

   So I have been wondering, why is only my face affected by the demodex mites? If they are all over your body, why just the face? And for me why specifically just the lower half of my face. Then I started to think about it and maybe its not.

   So I also have hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, which comes with its own array of annoying issues to do with my skin and hair. LUCKY ME! Anyways, I am not going bald by any means but my hair is thinner than it use to be and my scalp like my face has been dry the last few years and itchy and I would almost get little zits especially along my hairline. Again I attributed that to either one of my other issues, but maybe it wasn't, maybe it's the demodex.

   Also I use to have pretty bad back acne but with the oracea it went away and now what I was off of the oracea it was slowly creeping back but just a few spots here and there nothing like it use to be. Now that I have been using the TTO shampoo, conditioner and soap, my scalp has been LESS dry and itchy and the spots on my back are healing and clearing up.

  So maybe these other issues that I always assumed were caused by my thyroid or pcos was really mites. I guess I will see. Also reading back over this, I realize how attractive of a woman I sound. Especially with all of those close up pictures of my busted up skin and double chin. LOL.

   One last thought, hypothyroidism and pcos seem to go pretty hand in hand. Not every woman that has one has the other but it is pretty frequent. I know that there seems to be a theory that it is an autoimmune disorder, I wonder in rosacea isn't somehow linked in there. Like if I could find the cause of one and fix it, it would fix them all. Okay, good night. I have to go visit a bunch of pregnant women in the morning. 

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