Tuesday, June 18, 2013


   So when I woke up today I had a few more p&p, I had 5 in totally but still beats waking up to 20-30! Plus I now know that I p&p means a dead mite so victory to me!! My face all and all continues to improve, same thing 8:1 in the am, shea butter on dry spots and 1:1 at night plus the shampoo, conditioner and soap.

    I have noticed tonight that my face is REALLY itchy and so is my scalp and eyes. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad but I know it is annoying. Sometimes when I am in public I become super aware of my scratching and people looking at me, maybe I am just overly paranoid but whatever, what can you do? There is nothing worse than an itch you can not scratch. Sometimes at night my face will itch so much that I can't go to sleep. I don't know if anyone else deals with this but if so, how?! Seriously, email me, comment whatever but let me know how.

   My face in general looks better, a few of the p&p I have been getting are in areas I never got them before, high on my cheeks, my nose and forehead. I usually just get them around my mouth and chin but I guess with me treating my whole face they are dying off on my whole face. It's so weird to me how they have always been in a concentrated area, I wonder why. Also why I don't have the same reaction on other parts of my body.

   Ok well on to the pictures, today I took pictures in two different lights so you can see the progress. I am not really sure which shows it better so I will just post both! You can see how faded the red is and how it is more of a pinkish tone. Now the texture is my biggest problem, it's really hard to hide the texture with makeup.

Day 11

 This was indirect natural light

These are direct natural light.


  1. Your skin has improved a lot! Thanks for updating frequently and sharing your pictures.

  2. Yeah it is definitely getting better. It is less red and smoother texture everyday. I am glad someone else is seeing the improvements and it's not just in my head. LOL. It was pretty hard to share the pictures but I think pictures help so much when trying to compare your own skin to someone else's to see if what they are doing might help with you. Pictures speak louder than words when it comes to things like this. Its one thing to hear that someone is improving it's another to be able to see it and track their progress. Still embarrassing, hence why no one I know is informed of this blog.