Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 20...and I'm feeling good.

   So it is now day 20 on my journey. I feel like it has been so much longer than that, it has been such an up and down 20 days. I haven't done the nu-stock in a few days, I think it is so harsh it isn't something I can do daily, maybe a once a week thing. I mean it REALLY does a big kill when you use it so it is worth it but it really is drying. Last night my face was so dry I just felt like I had this layer of dry dead skin that nothing was penetrating so I did an exfoliate with honey. So much better now, my face feels soft and smooth, such a nice change.

   Last night I did another borax bath, I soaked for about 20 minutes. My whole body loves it, even my dry feet are softer, it's pretty amazing stuff. I didn't want to mention this until I was sure I was going to stick with it but the last two days I have been doing the internal borax also. You can read more about it here. I don't recommend anyone doing anything that I am doing, I am just telling you what I do and documenting MY results. Also just because I have a particular result doesn't mean you will have the same results.

  Basically I have mixing 1/8th teaspoon of borax with a liter of water and sipping it throughout the day/night. It seems like such a little amount that it wouldn't do anything but I haven't been wanting to scratch my skin off so that is good. I can't taste it and I haven't had any other issues with it so far so I am sticking with it. I swear I am throwing everything I can find at these mites. Tea tree oil, nu-stock, honey, borax, everything lol. And just so people don't think I see something and just do it I do a LOT of reading, research and contemplating before trying any of these things and I suggest you do the same. Okay now on to the pictures.

These pictures are pretty accurate to color and everything. I am making horrible faces because the sun is shining right on face and in my eyes. But with all that natural light comes the most accurate pictures. I have one pimple under my nose that is healing and everything else that you see is drying up and healing. Nothing new and active, I just wish my texture would improve but I am sure it will over time and after everything heals completely.

Day 20


  1. Big difference.your treatment is going very well!

  2. Incredibly impressive results. And after such a relatively short period of time. Well done!!! Do you think this would also help for the flushing subtype with no p&p's and just general redness and hyperactive blood vessels? I can't use anything topical on it (defo no tea tree oil, tried it once and it felt like acid, leaving me red for so long). Your skin seems a bit stronger and thicker in the pics?

  3. Truthfully I don't think so. It killed off the p&p but I still have rosey cheeks and you can see the capillaries up close. It hasn't done much to help those. The only thing I was ever able to do to help that was get lazered but even that is just a temporary fix and you have to get maintenance zaps. The tea tree oil defiantly has to be diluted, I don't know how people do just tto oil. Right now my skin is pretty thick but it is REALLY dry.