Friday, June 14, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

   So yesterday I decided to make a few changes to my routine, when I woke up yesterday and saw my face I was REALLY depressed. So I didn't use the homemade wash at all yesterday, I just did my argan oil/tea tree oil mixture when I woke up, put coconut oil on twice throughout the day and then before bed I made a 1:1 ratio of argan oil and tea tree oil and put that on my face and used a TINY bit of the weak 8:1 argan oil/tto mixture and put it over my eyes (not recommending it, just telling you what I do).

   When I woke up first thing I noticed it that my eyes were not crusty or gritty (yeah!). I went and looked in the mirror and was surprised, a ton of the p&p were gone or going away, and a bunch of the dry flaky spots where gone. My face is still red, but more like trying to heal red instead of "I hate you and I am going to make your life hell" red. So needless to say I am in a good mood today (funny how my mood depends on what I see in the mirror). I mean my face still looks like crap but, it looks less like crap today than it did yesterday and it gives me hope that it might keep improving. I kept trying to remind myself that it will get worse before it gets better and I am sure I will have another huge breakout when I have another big die off, but today it looks better than yesterday and that is all that matters! Oh and I made a side by side of yesterday and today so it is easier to see the difference.

Day 7

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