Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The first few days of war.

So since I am starting this journal on day 4 of my battle I will just kind of condense those 4 days here. First how I found out about the demodex mites was by looking for any type of help here, on a rosacea forum. From there I read a bunch of medical articles talking about the link to mites and rosacea and it made sense and the pictures looked a lot like my face and well, what do I have to lose. So in doing more research on tea tree oil I found this recipe on a blog and it seemed to have good results for other people and I had all of the ingredients so...why not.

So this is my before pictures. Really the pictures don't show how BAD it is in real life. The pictures don't show how red it really is or how bad the texture is. It's bad. I have the orange peel texture, LOTS of p&ps and lots of crusty dry scabs. Yummy. Oh and it HURTS! It burns and feels hot, all I want to do is dunk my face in a bowl of ice water.

So that night I mixed up the recipe from here but I added 1/4 cup coconut oil and a splash more olive oil and upped the TTO to 1 1/2 tsps.  I had a hard time mixing the honey, it just does not want to blend at all, I even used a blender and nothing. Since the coconut oil is solid at room temperature I soaked the bottle in warm water before use to melt it and it seemed to help the honey melt a little and mix better so problem solved! Maybe.

Okay first thoughts, it stinks.. I can deal with the smell, so I put it on, rub for a few seconds and wash it off by splashing some warm water on my face (I have dry skin so leaving some oil seemed like a good idea). And went to bed. The next morning I used the wash again and took pictures

Day 1

    Okay, so I know day one looks worse in pictures but in person it actually looked better. My face was WAY    Less red but there was still p&p. Also doing more research I had red the Apple Cider Vinegar is suppose to be good for rosacea also so I decided to try that. So I used the ACV, let it dry then did the wash morning and then at night.

Day 2

Okay, so day 2 looked even better, the p&p are drying up and the redness is diminished. I know it still looks like crap and its hard to see any difference in the pictures but I promise there is a change. Same thing this day ACV followed by wash morning and night.

Day 3

Okay still nothing dramatic but you can see that it is a little less red, and the p&p are starting to heal. So I will keep up with this and see where it takes me.

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  1. I can see a huge change! Glad you're using the face wash and it's working. Can't wait to see you progression pictures now.