Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 23, sorry I missed a day.

   Sorry I missed a day, my sister was in town from Texas and she is newly engaged so the day was filled with wedding stuff.  Yeah. Okay back to the face. My is looking really good, I have 2-3 actual pimples that are healing and have nothing to do with the rosacea, I'm just lucky like that and get pimples just because. The dry skin is starting to go away, I haven't done anything special but it's starting to go away. When I think about it I put some shea butter on it, but that is it. I did notice that my face flushed last night while eating crawfish, that sucked but I sure as hell am not giving up crawfish. First time I have flushed in a few days so I thought I would mention it.

   I have to say, I am STILL amazed that my face looks just as good now by using oils and natural products as it did when I was taking expensive meds that are not good for you anyway. I am actually confident enough with my face again that I am willing to go out in public with no makeup again. I have never been one of those girls that wears makeup to the store, so it's nice that I can go back to being mostly makeup free. I was going to do closeups of the dry scaly skin, but it's gone. The texture is improving which is good and I noticed that the large pores that I have had on my nose since I hit puberty are starting to get smaller. Nice bonus. Okay so on to the pictures.

Day 23

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